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Academic Year: 2020-2021

Upcoming events
  • 2020-11-16Day of Tolerance The school commemorates the Day of Tolerance
  • 2020-11-17Anti-bullying week The school creates an anti-bullying atmosphere through outreach activities for the entire school community
  • 2020-11-22Beginning of the First term 1 final exams The final exams of the term 1 exams start on 22/11/2020 and continue until 09/12/2020

Please select the appropriate type of education for your son / daughter for grades 6-12, which he will be working on starting next October Click here
Decision Summary

Dear Parents, please find below the updated school Timetable Academic Year 2020 – 2021 (Term 3)

KG1 - KG2 contact: 0505906532
KG1A Face to Face KG1A Online Class KG2A Face to Face KG2A Online Class

G1 - G5 , Girls contact: 0504754587
Grade1A Grade1C Grade2A Grade2C
Grade3C Grade4C Grade5C -----------

G6 - G12 , Girls contact: 0503269188
Grade6C Grade7C Grade8C Grade9C Grade10C
Grade11C Grade12C ------- ------- -------

G3 - G7 , Boys contact: 0503269337
Grade3A Grade4A Grade5A
Grade6A Grade7A ---------

G8 - G12 , Boys contact: 0503271533
Grade8A Grade9A Grade10A Grade11A Grade12A

Update Regarding the Physical Return of Staff and Students with High Risk Medical Conditions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Medical Risk Undertaking Forms for Students & Staff
Students Staff
English Medical Risk Undertaking Medical Risk Undertaking
Arabic Medical Risk Undertaking Medical Risk Undertaking

Communicate with school departments
Kindergarten Girls' Section Boys' Section
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