About our School

We, Baniyas International Private School (BIPS) is an American Curriculum School since 2004, that has focused itself to shape and build the future global citizens with a blend of traditions, culture and rich heritage of United Arab Emirates. BIPS, has worked hard to develop in terms of standards by continuous and vigorous labour attaining the Purpose, Values and Beliefs of a dynamic school. “To develop and shape each and every student into a successful respectful individual attaining Excellence with belief in Commitment , Respect, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork and Conviction to struggle and achieve the best”. We have toiled hard ensuring a strong impact on society and educational field by providing and fulfilling the latest and updated facilities required by ADEK. We have evolved and developed with support of parental body which encourage us to become better and provide improved services. We possess a team of resilient, dynamic staff members who are actively involved and devoted to improve the future of the nation and society. The integration of technology and education has further helped us progress and better ourselves which has resulted in IRTIQA's remarks on us as GOOD, furthermore we are ADVANCeD Accredited school which provides International Exams like IELTS, MAP, PISA, International Benchmark Test (IBT). Our Vision and Mission to ensure and develop the overall talents and abilities of students in order to reach the horizons of excellence. Being conscious of their responsibilities and proud of their homeland, its heritage and its culture is priority of school and its prime focus.

education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education

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